November 30, 2023

INGENIOUS x Google Cloud

INGENIOUS.BUILD Collaborates with Google Cloud to Accel Digital
Transformation in Saudi Arabia

Nashville, TN, USA – INGENIOUS.BUILD, a leading software company specializing in project management software for Real Estate Development and Construction, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Google Cloud to accelerate digital transformation in Saudi Arabia by combining INGENIOUS’ expertise with Google Cloud’s advanced technologies.

As part of this partnership, INGENIOUS.BUILD will deploy its cutting-edge project management software for Real Estate Development and Construction in the newly established Google Cloud cloud region in Saudi Arabia. This platform is designed to enhance project efficiency, ensuring precise management of projects while mitigating risk.

As Saudi Arabia embraces digitalization and innovation, this partnership will be key in empowering businesses in the digital era while delivering comprehensive solutions to meet the evolving needs of the Saudi Arabian market.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Google Cloud to introduce our advanced management platform to projects in Saudi Arabia. We believe this collaboration will drive innovation in project management and play a pivotal role in supporting the rapid growth of the Development and Construction projects in the region,” said Nick Carter, Founder & CEO at INGENIOUS.BUILD. “Partnering with Google Cloud will enable us to combine our industry expertise with the cloud provider’s advanced infrastructure, empowering businesses to embrace digital transformation and unlock new opportunities.”

As part of this collaboration, INGENIOUS.BUILD and Google Cloud will work on initiatives to promote digital skills development and technology adoption in Saudi Arabia, including training programs, workshops, and resources to equip individuals and businesses with the knowledge and tools for digital transformation.

“We are dedicated to supporting Saudi Arabia’s vision for digital transformation,” said Bader Al Madi, Saudi Arabia Country Manager, Google Cloud. “By collaborating with INGENIOUS.BUILD, we can leverage our technology and expertise to empower businesses and individuals in Saudi Arabia to harness the full potential of the digital world. Together, we will drive innovation, economic growth and create a thriving digital ecosystem.”

The collaboration marks a significant milestone in Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation journey.


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