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Empower your projects on the go - anywhere, anytime. Seamlessly bridge the gap between the field and office with our cutting-edge mobile app. Effortlessly create and review RFIs, tasks, punch list items, drawings, and more! Access your data even when you can't connect to the network through our mobile offline mode. Experience unparalleled project accessibility and efficiency with the INGENIOUS Mobile App today.

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Effectively organize and prioritize all tasks surrounding your project. Create new tasks, conquer important milestones, and flag critical risk items to seamlessly keep track of all the work needed to be done through a project life cycle.

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mobile app
mobile app


View, annotate, and collaborate on Current and Draft sets of Drawing Sheets to effectively visualize and confirm all details surrounding a project.

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Perform all Inspections assigned to you or create a new inspection from templates. Record inspection results live from the site to confirm work in progress is meeting YOUR high bar in safety and quality assurance.

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mobile app

Automated & Real-Time
Mobile Tools, For REAL!

Unlike the competition, which has been known to make false claims about its capabilities, INGENIOUS delivers on its promises. With seamless integration and synchronization across various project management aspects, INGENIOUS ensures stakeholders are always up-to-date with the latest information. From instant communication and collaboration to real-time progress tracking, access your data even when you can't connect to the network through our mobile offline mode. INGENIOUS empowers teams to make informed decisions and take immediate action. Say goodbye to misleading statements and embrace a platform that genuinely embraces real-time connectivity.

mobile app

Punch List

The most efficient system to organize and track the Punch List process to effectively handle the finishing details of a project.

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Specs & Submittals

View all information pertaining to the Specification sets and Submittal process to efficiently confirm details through out the construction process.

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mobile app
mobile app


Seamlessly communicate with the office and other collaborators within a project to ask pressing questions to get the fastest insight back.

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Daily reports

Effectively communicate all progress and blockers occurring through out the day to key stakeholders involved in a project. Attach progress photos live and record all critical details from the field in order to maximize accuracy of reporting.

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mobile app

But Wait... There Are More Features To Come On

Don't worry... We've got you fully covered for ALL your needs out on the field. Connect with one of our skilled Product Experts and explore the countless ways that make INGENIOUS stand out from the competition. Unlike others, we thrive in areas where they stumble, leaving them far behind in the race.

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Available to download on both iOS and Android.

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And How It Can Boost Your Productivity

Stop wasting time running from module to module piecing together fragmented information - With INGENIOUS we offer one integrated solution designed as the future operating system of all Development & Construction projects. Imagine improved workflows enabled by smarter tools; imagine having greater visibility into every aspect of your business in one place.

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One Truly Connected Platform For All Project Team Members.

Elevate your workflow with the ultimate construction management platform! Unlock unparalleled efficiency, communication, and speed by harnessing the power of a single source of truth. Discover how you can achieve more than ever before with the NEW industry leader.

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