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Expansion Plans – Saudi Arabia

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INGENIOUS.BUILD Unveils International Expansion Strategy to Address Growing Market Demand in Saudi Arabia; Riyadh will be Considered as First Office in Middle East

Nashville, TN, USA – INGENIOUS.BUILD, a leading company focused on innovation and technology, is thrilled to announce its strategic move to expand internationally to meet the rising demand for Development and Construction projects in Saudi Arabia. The expansion will enable the company to serve its existing clients better while reaching new markets and clients.

This expansion is a strategic move to capitalize on the momentum and further solidify the company’s position as the industry’s leading provider of project management solutions. The plans include opening a new office in a key location within Saudi Arabia. This office will enhance INGENIOUS’s operational capabilities and ensure a strong local presence to effectively cater to clients in the region.

Additionally, the expansion will create job opportunities, contribute to the local economy, and nurture growth in the communities where the new offices will be established.

“We are incredibly excited about this expansion and the opportunities it presents for our company, taking into consideration the magnitude and complexity of projects in the KSA market,” said Nick Carter, Founder & CEO at INGENIOUS.BUILD. “Our goal has always been to deliver exceptional products and services to our clients, and this expansion will allow us to provide the catalyst for introducing cutting-edge technology solutions to manage large-scale projects efficiently.”

The expansion plans are a testament to INGENIOUS.BUILD’s commitment to innovation, client satisfaction, and long-term growth.

“We are confident that our expanded presence will enable us to serve our existing clients better while also attracting new ones,” the CEO stated.


INGENIOUS.BUILD is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in project management software for the Real Estate Development and Construction industry. By leveraging data, automation, and real-time insights, INGENIOUS.BUILD empowers organizations and all stakeholders to manage projects with precision and reduced risk. Dedicated to innovation, efficiency, and excellence, INGENIOUS.BUILD is committed to building the future within the development and construction industry. It stands at the forefront of transforming how projects are executed and realized.

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