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INGENIOUS can help your firm streamline project management, improve margins, keep communication consistent, and increase transparency. Manage budgets, schedules, and change orders, while keeping stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the project lifecycle on one connected platform.

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Construction Administration

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RFI Management

Empower collaboration, and drive efficiency. Seamlessly manage RFIs with unmatched ease and precision. Connect Financials for rapid cost impact analysis. Stay aligned with construction documents, ensuring unwavering accuracy. Discover INGENIOUS for flawless constructability today.


Drawing Management.

Designed with a user-friendly interface and advanced features, INGENIOUS simplifies every step of the way. Effortlessly upload, organize, and collaborate on drawings, while our intelligent automation guarantees all stakeholders are always in sync with the latest versions. The powerful search function lets you quickly retrieve specific drawings, saving precious time and minimizing errors. With INGENIOUS, version control becomes effortless, ensuring that every change is meticulously tracked and documented, fostering a culture of controlled transparency and accountability. Embrace the power of secure cloud-based storage, granting you access to your drawings from anywhere, revolutionizing remote work, and turbocharging your productivity.

Automated & Real-Time
Construction Administration Tools, For REAL!

Unlike the competition, which has been known to make false claims about its capabilities, INGENIOUS delivers on its promises. With seamless integration and synchronization across various Construction Administration aspects, INGENIOUS ensures stakeholders are always up-to-date with the latest information. From instant communication and collaboration to real-time progress tracking, INGENIOUS empowers teams to make informed decisions and take immediate action. Say goodbye to misleading statements and embrace a platform that genuinely embraces real-time connectivity.



Discover an Auto-Generating Submittal process tailored to your needs. Build a comprehensive Submittal log in minutes with automated scanning of your Specification manual. Harness the power of intelligent Scheduling to keep vendors accountable for timely submissions. Embrace a new era of seamless Auto-Generating Submittals today!

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INGENIOUS revolutionizes the way inspections are conducted and managed. With a user-friendly interface and advanced functionalities, it simplifies the entire inspection process. Create customized inspection templates, assign tasks, and track progress effortlessly. Inspectors can conveniently collect data, capture photos, and add notes using the mobile app, ensuring accuracy and real-time synchronization. Powerful analytics and reporting capabilities provide valuable insights for continuous improvement. Streamline your inspections, enhance efficiency, and drive compliance with Ingenious' Inspections feature.


Daily Reports

Stay in the loop with real-time insights into all site operations, including updates from both your GC and their vendors. You’ll always be one step ahead with instant notifications about any delays as they occur, allowing you to proactively mitigate risks for smoother project execution. Stay proactive, stay informed, and stay on top with INGENIOUS.

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Punch List

Elevate your project with collaborative and intelligent Punch List management. Seamlessly consolidate lists from all project parties. Engage in real-time discussions on Punch List items with assigned parties. Maintain a comprehensive audit history of changes and discussions. Experience the future of streamlined punch list management today!

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Don't worry... We've got you fully covered for ALL your Construction Administration needs. Connect with one of our skilled Product Experts and explore the countless ways that make INGENIOUS stand out from the competition. Unlike others, we thrive in areas where they stumble, leaving them far behind in the race.

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One Truly Connected Platform For All Project Team Members

Elevate your workflow with the ultimate construction management platform! Unlock unparalleled efficiency, communication, and speed by harnessing the power of a single source of truth. Discover how you can achieve more than ever before with the NEW industry leader.

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Stop wasting time running from module to module piecing together fragmented information - With INGENIOUS we offer one integrated solution designed as the future operating system of all Development & Construction projects. Imagine improved workflows enabled by smarter tools; imagine having greater visibility into every aspect of your business in one place.

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